2007- sounds lucky to me

ushering in 2007 this morning we have piles and piles of snow!! more fresh, white, fluffy stuff is falling from the sky.
we spent yesterday packing a trail from the backyard out to the snowmobile trail that runs out in the woods behind our house. the snow is deep (about 2 feet) and walking and stomping in snowshoes was hard work. (i was thinking, "buns of steel" with each step). now we can take off on skis and reach the trail without sinking to our thighs.

we are dreaming of one of these::

they are expensive, and we dont have fairy god-parents, but they do have great resale value.... jade can keep up for about 1/2 hour, and then he's done.
i am chomping at the bit to go out with jeff, but we havent been able to ski together and instead have been alternating.
the woods are amazing and so quiet. we found a great big icy packed spot where a moose had bedded down for the night. there must have been 2 solid inches of crunchy ice where he/she had melted the snow with the massive size of her body.
we also spent a bit of time and skill building this snow fort or quinzee as they are known.

this sucker has 3 rooms and we are planning an addition.
to all of you waiting for the summertime to come and visit, winter is pretty fun here! and there are no mosquitoes.
some happening' winter events to temp you include:
iditarod days festival: march 3rd. this will include fireworks, the musher's ball, the polar plunge into wasilla lake, dog sled rides, and ice skating. www.wasillachamber.org
iditarod trail sled dog race restart: march 4th at 2pm. this is the real deal, the start in anchorage is just for show! check out www.iditarod.com
the peninsula winter games in soldotna: janurary 26-28th. fun including ice sculpting, dog weight pull, hockey, skating and cross country ski races. www.peninsulawintergames.com
polar bear jump off festival: seward, january 19-21st. ever wanted to watch freaks jump into resurrection bay in january? here is your chance, or be a freak and get icy. while wearing wacky costumes, you too can plunge into the chilly waters of the bay. other activities include a sled dog race, the furry flurry pet show, ice bowling, a waitress and waiter contest, a bachelor-bacherlorette auction and a seafood feast. for more info, check out: www.seward.com
and last but not least: the fur rendezvous,( aka: "the fur rondy") this is alaska's biggest winter festival and includes; sled dog races, opening and closing fireworks, a carnival, snow sculpture contest, a native craft show, ice skating, snowmachine races, snowshoe softball, parade, dances and more! www.furrondy.net

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