ccccold, again

happy birthday elvis

please excuse yet another post about the damn weather, but i just cant resist!! its crazy here. i promise no more posts about it after this one --for a while at least.

currently, in wasilla, a mere 12 miles from here, it is -27 degrees, its -42 in fairbanks, and here in my toasty palmer abode, it is -18.
probably the chilliest i have really ever experienced. freekin chilly. sleeping in your pj's cold.
the local news channel reports the weather in bagdad and kabul nightly. i find this both interesting and disturbing. so i share with you that it is much warmer there, light rain and in the 40's.

local tv... sucks. there is so much more i could be doing i know, but sometimes the mind melt is really what i need. my choices this evening are limited to, m.a.s.h, (this is the real deal, it runs nightly. i shit you not. every night.) then of course, we have friends and seinfeld. (there must be one episode i've missed?? no, i have seen them all.)

tomorrow, i have a trip to the big city planned. yes, anchorage bound. i will be singing that michelle tune all the way down there. love that woman.

ooooooh, we are missing the live music scene so much. we have the tapes, the cds, the ipod, but oh for the smokey, sweaty, real deal.
i need a new book to read and a crafty project. whos in?? whatcha got?
gimmee some inspiration out there!
be sure and rent: little miss sunshine
loved it!

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ozone ranger said...

how 'bout stained glass or is your stuff in colo?
learnto program linux or unix?
sewing,knitting quilting photography...i'll think on it.