winter in seward

well, the fam and i headed off to seward for a little visit with our good friends this past saturday.

what an amazing weather window we hit, with snow packed roads and then over 4 inches of snow the evening of our arrival.

4 inches wouldnt have been a big deal except that this was on top of the 2 feet they received on earlier in the week. this 2 feet it appears, was piled on top of about 3 feet they have received over the past month or so.

now here ive been bragging about how wintery and white our palmer neighborhood is and we visit the most incredible, fluffy-white winter wonderland, ever.

i am quite sure this is as much snow as i have ever truely seen all piled up in one place in my life.

this is rich up on the garage roof. he is a tall guy, at least 6' 2"

a friend of r & l's left her subaru legacy wagon in the yard for the winter. can you see it? might help to click and enlarge.

hint: look for the antenna.
we spent sunday tubbing in the snorkle and building a snow fort complete with slide and escape hatch in lydias front yard. i am not sure who had more fun, jeff and i or jade and lyd.
our ride over turnagan pass evoked jaw dropping excitement at how much snow was dripping off every tree!

sunset from the hot tub.
good food, good company and good wine. it was a lovely weekend.
i am still dreaming of landing that job down there. although we are really enjoying palmer, our alaskan adventure wouldnt be complete without some time near the ocean.

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