flashback friday

excuse the friday post on sunday. blogger has been cruel to me, not letting me on since last thursday-but i found a plug-in and we made up. (:

way back when new england had normal, wintry, blustery and snow filled winters, my husband and i lived there.

this winter has been woeful according to all my friends and family who reside there. they have had temperatures in the 40's and 50's with not a speck of snow all season. my friend amy told me this evening on the phone that they havent taken the snowmachine out of the garage for 2 years.

i learned to ski with my grandmother and mom in millinocket, that little mill town i mentioned many posts earlier. i was small, (still am) and the snowbanks always seemed huge. the ski trails followed the snowmobile tracks through the woods for miles and miles.

one of the things i am enjoying most about being here in alaska is heading to the woods on my skis. it has given me opportunity to reminisce about these ski outings and relive some of the memories that were made with some of my favorite people.

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Corey Paradise said...

wow that picture really makes me time travel. I wish I could have gone cross country skiing with you and mom and nana when I was a bit older, I must have been a pain in the ass that day. Well it hasen't exactly dumped but we gaot a little snow and it is now officially cold, 10 below to 20 above all this week. then a warm up and more snow (what they call rain in the other states in new england).