oh mexico

you know it, you love it. hum it with me now

way down here you need a reason to move
feel a fool running your stateside games
lose your load, leave your mind behind, baby james

oh mexico
it sounds so simple i just got to go
the suns so hot i forgot to go home
guess ill have to go now

americano got the sleepy eye
but his bodys still shakin like a live wire
sleepy senorita with the eyes on fire

oh mexico
it sounds so sweet with the sun sinking low
moons so bright like to light up the night
make everything all right

babys hungry and the moneys all gone
the folks back home dont want to talk on the phone
she gets a long letter sends back a postcard, times are hard

oh down in mexico
i never really been so i dont really know

oh mexico
i guess ill have to go
oh mexico
i never really been but id sure like to go
oh mexico
i guess ill have to go now

the countdown is on.
the (mostly) annual trek began 11 years ago when my friend les and i decided to hop aboard one of those all inclusive, pack-your-swimsuit-and-go apple vacations to mexico. we vowed to do it every year till we died.

that first year we crossed paths with stefan and martin who paid our bar tab and took us to dinner (not what your thinking- just dinner and simply big fun with some big spending bullshitters.)
there was mucho tequila...
then, there was the beach lifeguard tower incident in cozumel. i dont want to relive that moment of stupidity. we are so much smarter now.

since then, we have calmed it down a bit. (yup, thats right. to all the moms and spouses, we are calm and keeping it on the straight and narrow when we are basking on the beach, really.) we rent our own pad for the week, along with a zippy little (and i mean little!) "mexican car". we load up on groceries and beer and of course tequila. we generally stick close to half-moon-bay, hanging out, eating, drinking and soaking up the sun. the trip is quite simply a week long, girls-only break from work, spouses, kids and life with different women rotating in and out yearly when able to pull it off. ("cant you get a hall pass this year?") this requires lots of bargining with family to make it happen.
(you rock jeff!)

picture; burnt noses buried in a mindless beach read, coffee on the patio, toes in the sand, guacamole for lunch, cool beer in the fridge.
ahhhhh....... heaven

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Les said...

Oh, the pain, the pain, to know that I won't be this year with the gals. Pasty white and buried in snow, rather than sand. How life sometimes takes a turn we don't expect. I really did think it would be Mexico every year 'til we died. So many memories, so many adventures, so many great cocktails and books and the yearly quest to get just an eight as tan as LB or Kbear! Hope you all have the greatest time but miss me while you're there. Lovelovelove, Les