radio interweb

so thursday nights at the clinic are generally quiet enough to catch some of my brothers radio show between patients via the world wide web. check it out sometime at 10 pm eastern time on thursday nights at www.weru.org
his program is called "pattern recognition".
what the hell did we do before the "interweb"?

it brings me great pleasure to tune in and hear my little brother play all of his (sometimes grinding) over-the-top, eclectic musical obsessions live and on the air. i love hearing his voice and sense of humor right here with me when we are so many miles away from each other.

right now we have a smokin' version of "aint no sunshine" (by strike??) blasting-
love it little brother!
earlier, when i called him to thank him for the r.e.m fix, my very mothering, front desk colleague requested some elvis- we got it and were shakin' some booty here to the man himself. what a sight.

i am on my fourth day of the five day stretch (yawnnnnn) and have managed to avoid the strep that keeps coming through the door.
i just might make it out alive.


Corey Paradise said...

Hey, thanks for the adds! oh wait this isn't myspace...
Thanks for the mention of my show! I love requests, and its great to know your listening, It seems to be keeping the devil on my left shoulder from getting out of hand with the over the top music choices, while the devil on my right shoulder still gets away with all kinds of shit. The cool thing about the radio show, beside my voice, thoughts and soul, being transmuted into the airwaves over central Maine, is its on the web so anyone can listen live anywhere, just tune in. you (and me) never know what you might hear. AAnd the version of Ain't No Sunshine, is by Stryke from Hi-Fi Dub Sessions Vol. 3
-the Lil' Brother

jared said...

Your brother and my friend Chris sound like peas in a pod. He spends his Wednesday nights on the radio doing a similar show here in Anchorage: www.slacklineradio.com

Denis said...

Thanks for the online blog that mentions Community Radio WERU-FM 89.9 (Blue Hill) & 102.9 (Bangor). Corey does a great job and has made that 10 PM slot on Thursday nights all his own. Please spread the word so that the entire planet knows of Corey Paradise. He worked hard apprenticing on Saturday nights for a while and has earned his slot on our schedule. Like the blog and keep up the good writing -- you always have a home here at WERU!