tuesday sunset

this was the sunset this evening in the mat-su valley. the days are rapidly growing longer. sunrise occurred at 9:27 this morning and this pretty sunset at 4:58.

so jeff and i made an attempt at skiing alyeska yesterday. with our kiddo dropped selfishly into daycare, and schedules cleared for the day, we headed south.
wouldnt ya know, 40 degrees and drizzle was what we found upon our arrival to the neo-hippy enclave known as girdwood. yes, thats right, 40 degrees Fahrenheit . so on top of the sparkling mounds of mouthwatering snow (283" fell in the month of december) there was a fine layer of sop.

we drove down to girdwood knowing the forecast was dismal, but we were hopeful the reporters were just going to be off by a few degrees and that we would manage an epic day the two of us would never forget.
no such luck.

on saturday, jeff took jaden here: www.hilltopskiarea.org (hmmmm.. anyone know why this wont link?)
this is their second saturday date to hilltop. jeff has described it as feeling much like a neighborhood pool. parents pull up just long enough to allow kids to pile out of the minivan for a few hours afternoon fun. he reports that the demographic is preteen and early teenagers (and that he feels old). however, the hot dogs are apparently outstanding, and the beginner terrain cant be beat when you have a fearless, giggling 3 year old. i wish i had a photo to share, but alas, i was at work during this outing.

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