girdwood again

first, photo comments;
yes that is actually the ocean you see there behind jeff ("turnagain arm") how cool is that??? and, sorry r& l for exploiting you and your lovely girl here on the web for all to see but you all are so darn cute!

we managed a fine, albeit short day of crusty turns on the skiing hill known as alyeska. what a beautiful weekend it was. despite the wee one coming down with what appears to be strep, we had a fantastic time at "our weekend home" in girdwood.
whoops, wipe the drool. i am dreaming here.
the forget-me-not chalet is for sale, but i'd have to unload my left kidney to get it. it was a great place to spend a couple of evenings with friends.

the mountain is beautiful and reminds us somewhat of skiing grand tarhgee , and if you imagine real hard, it could be a steeper loveland. its all wide open and must be amazing to ski with fresh snow.
we only have ourselves to blame for not catching some of the powder they have had, as the turns have been the best in many years until the recent rise in temperature and rain.
now it is a crusty hell reminiscent of sugarloaf usa.

however crusty and hard, we couldnt beat the 30 degrees and SUNSHINE!!!! did i mention the sun was out??? i actually had to search for the shades (i am quite sure i havent had them on since september)

the mexico get-away is rapidly approaching. i can hardly stand myself and i know my family and co-workers cant wait to be rid of me yammering on about it.

life is good.

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