cowboy up and rock on

well a long week has passed by and once again we have packed up all we own.
again, we can conclude and we own far too much crap.
our lives in boxes and our week blown, we are now getting used to the new creaks, smells and kinks of our new abode. we accidentally flooded the laundry room with the first load of wash that was run through the machine.
whoops- got the first disaster right out of the way.

i am sitting in the living room, its currently 11:46 p.m. the view from the large windows is a blue- gray sky, last hints of the sunset pink on the horizon. the talkeetna mountain range is looming through the birch leaves. the green on the mountains now extends far up on the hillside nearly meeting the last few patches of snow.
the mosquitoes are buzzing and mixed up birds are chirping.
it appears the long alaskan days of summer are upon us.

we took in some of colony days on saturday last, and i only have one photo to show. jade picked the biggest horse and was pretty pleased with himself way up there.
this pic is taken in palmer proper. the library parking lot to be exact. we could be in colorado with those pretty mountains perched above town, but this is alaska.

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