grab hold

my grandfather used to say "grab it and growl" as every meal was placed on the table.
he had some peculiar sayings. this is something i haven't thought of in years.

lately i have been feeling a little pensive about the short but sweet summer months blooming here in alaska. and now when i think of my grandfathers saying, it has greater meaning, as the days are long but the summer fleeting before my very eyes.
grab hold while you can and enjoy the hell out of it.

we are spending long pre-solstice days painting our new abode.
recently we have decided to vacate our lovely 5 acre rental and move just down the way into our very own work in progress. we are hoping to spread the paint and then put down the brushes and hammer until the short days of winter find us again and we are forced to spend more time indoors.

i am astounded once again by the sheer greenness of the woods.
driving to and from work in the blazing sunshine there are seemingly one hundred shades of it. alaska is alive again, breathing and growing thick with the long summer sun.

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