my grass is blue

well hallelujah and hoedown!

we found us some bluegrass music.
a mere 10 months after moving to the last frontier we actually found some real, live music!
the first annual sutton pickers retreat was thrown together just over one month ago by our friend bonnie.
she rented out glacier creek campground and called every bluegrass picker in this great state.

although the tiny little stage looked ant-like with the giant snow covered peaks surrounding the valley, the sound that come pouring out till 4am was anything but small.
you can see jadens priorities were not exactly pointed toward the stage when there was ice cream to be had, but he did do some dancin with his buddies jenna and hunter.

about 150 people of all ages came and went from friday to sunday and it seemed everyone had a great time under the midnight sun.

check out the view from "stage". can you find waldo and her friends?

hopefully this will be an annual event because we had a blast.
yes, it was as chilly as it looked, but man, if we waited for good weather to do anything fun around here, we'd be doing a lot of sitting around.

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Jen Morris said...

You did a really great job detailing our adventures... I want to print it out for MY scrapbook!! For all who read this, we too (the Motley Morris Crew) had a spectacular time, and cannot wait to go back and play again.... perhaps tomorrow? All our love and we'll do it again soon... say Jan in Mexico?