fleeting summer

well the weeks have been moving on by without much of this blogging stuff. ive been covering some vacation time at work the past two weeks which didnt leave much computer time, plus these long days of summer have been keeping us fairly busy.

jeff, jade and i recently had some visitors. my cousin nanette and her daughter dawn took a whirlwind tour around alaska, stopping in for a few days.
it was great to have them here and feel the excitement of someone seeing alaska for the first time.

seems like summer is slipping right on by. there are some roses in the yard and the leaves are already turning red. the green of the canopy now has a hint of yellow in it.

we've been blueberry picking up at hatcher's pass.
these arent the low-bush maine variety i grew up with, instead the alaskan variety are high-bush and a bit more sour.
the pancakes and muffins will be pretty tasty come dark december though.
we've seen some of our seward pals who welcomed us down there for a boat ride. also we shared a picnic at a beautiful farm here in palmer with lydia and her mom. the rainy weather obviously didnt bother these two.

school starts around here on monday. if i have to do another sports physical i think i will puke. we've been slammed with them- seeing 58 patients in one day last week.
i just had my one year anniversary at the clinic.

overall life is grand!


NetRymer said...

Awesome pics, I hope its okay I saved a few to my computer until mine arrive. THANK YOU soo much for sharing your home and time with Dawn and I. We had a wonderful time, absolutely heavenly!!! Summer is moving quiclky. Dawn starts school, the 5th grade, tomorrow! Where did the time go??? We love you guys!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yo Betty-
The blog is looking great. Love the blueberries pic (and the yellow and purple is frame-worthy). Think I'll ticket shop today....beach-ho- hurricanes be damned!!!

Nurse Practitioners Save Lives said...

I am also busy with sports and school physicals. Why do parents wait until school is right on top of them to get these done?