happy blogoversary

well i missed the one year mark by 4 days, but since i am the only one celebrating, who really cares? happy birthday blog!
it is pretty amazing to think we've been in alaska for a full year now. heading straight into another fall is making me feel a bit....hmmmm. cant quite pinpoint it.
there are many things to like about winter here for sure. certainly the amount of snow is fantastic. the skiing was a blast last winter and it got us out of the house often. the short, very short days and the way the light is so flat on the horizon is beautiful and i recall being enamored by it often.

life in our household has begun to take a sad turn. hopefully a quick one- as my faithful, longtime canine love affair is beginning to decline. he awoke this morning and had what appeared to be a seziure. his 15 year old, 90 pound body is beginning to fail him and we are having to help him walk outside. he is no longer eating (his all time favorite activity).
for 15 years this big, black dog has been my companion. he has seen me at my worst and at my best. he has never judged, only loved. he has been there through relationships that have come and gone, he has accompanied me on countless journies covering literally thousands of miles, from colorado to maine and back. he has tasted both the atlantic and the pacific. he has sailed, and climbed mountains with me. he has protected me, and always, always loved the sight of me walking in the door which is unwavering even now as he slowly tracks my every move.
i have known for quite some time that time with him was limited and actually, many are surprised he is still here at all. i feel like we've gotten several years of bonus time with him. but, this doesnt stop the sadness i feel anticipating the ineveitable.

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Delta, treasure hunter grrl--- said...

i am literally crying right now with word of porter...i feel soo bad that you have to go through this time...it's heartbreaking, really...

happy anniversary baby,gotchu on my mi-hind. now that i'm up and runnig w/ computer now i will keep up w/ the three of yuz...

hang in there w/porter...i'm so glad he got to experience AK w/ you,...love love love delta