porter dog 1992-2007

you were the small black ball of fur and breath, that hid in the corner when i brought you home. i coaxed you to me and layed on the floor and knew that instant i had become your mother.

i was aware even then, those many years ago, my time with you would end too soon.
i gave you 10 or 12 years.
you gave me almost 15.

i knew you would fill my heart, and break it.
you endeavored never to let me out of your sight, every day of your life.
you showed me what it was like to be adored.

nervous dog, always looking worried, and happy, and excited, all wrapped up together.
your nose, long, your legs, longer. your heart enormous.

we climbed mountains, we played in the indian peaks. patient dog, fishing north boulder creek, diamond lake, blue mesa.

we covered miles. subarus were made for you.
ears flying, and eyes squinting, and watering, all the way across the front range and over the mountains. from woodland park to pinecliffe and through the desolate prairie and passing corn and cows.
remember how the cows always made you bark?

we played in sand dunes, biked at arches, moab, paws sore and raw.

road trip to maine, my sidekick, amusing everyone from here to there. keeping me safe, my big black dog, with your deep and protective bark.

you tasted the atlantic, i will never forget your face. we sailed in waters off eggemoggin reach. not a dogs best activity, but rather be by my side, water legs and all, than left behind.

you tasted the pacific in oregon on that sandy expanse of beach. you layed beneath the stars and the northern lights in this beautiful place you called home this last year of your life.

our riverhouse, heaven on earth for a large black dog with his constant red companion, brother.
and monument gulch with coyotes and chipmunks and pack rats to chase.
who could pee more, who could pee first?
drink from the river, lay in the grass.

your eyesight faded, your hearing gone, your heart never failing to show your devotion.

thank you for being my canine love affair. i am so grateful to have been your human romance.
i will miss you.


Val said...

Awwwww.... sad. :-(

I hope his passing was painless.

Anonymous said...

Sweetie, I know how much Porter meant to you. This is a beautiful tribute to your lives together. What do we become without our animal loves in our lives? A little sadder, but so grateful to have had all of the incredible years with them. I hope all of these memories stay sweetly in your heart and he will be with you always.
Much love,

laura said...

What a beautiful love letter...so sorry...

Judy V. said...

I'll bet he is in the Happy Hunting Grounds waiting for his family.
Sorry for losing your friend.
I think is no coinicedence that dog spelled backwards is GOD they teach us so much.

akfnp said...

thanks all for such nice comments.

NetRymer said...

Oh Man!!! I am soo sorry to hear about Porter. What was strange, was I was just thinking about him and Graham this morning! WOW, your tribute to him was beautiful. He had a great life with you guys!!!

Love Nez