well, a week has passed and a busy week it has been.
jeff is back from a nearly 750 nautical mile journey aboard the s/v tahanan. he and rich had a great trip sailing from seward down to sitka. i am encouraging him to consider a guest post to tell all about it.

the alaksa state fair has come and gone along with alot of our hard earned money. we went twice, once with our seward pals and then again upon jeffs return. jade has been turned on to some pretty grown up rides by his papa, (remember the bob sled thinggy that goes around in a circle, both forward and backward really, really fast?)
sigh......the carousal will never be the same for the little boy..

there is an unmistakable nip in the air and the follage around the house is beginning to turn. fall is upon us. the fireweed is bright red and the birch trees are starting show patches of yellow. it wont be long until i start complaining about the cold again.

we went on a nice hike to grayling lake yesterday, which is just north of seward. jade is a great hiker covering 3 miles with his short little 4 year old legs.

he loves hiking and this delights his parents.

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it's just me....searching for hidden treasure said...

me and my new freind emily (o.r. nurse i met on orientation day) went on a hike a couple of weeks ago on dadds gulch... i waved at the river house...

we're going to art fest, we're going to artfest neener neener neeeeeener...