wedded bliss!

we managed a little exodus from the state over the weekend and headed on down to missoula for a lovely wedding. these beautiful people, russ and jen, were married on saturday.
we traveled from anchorage thru seattle and then spokane, renting a car and driving to montana. good god we live far from everything!!

it was nice to get out of the cold rain and head to more familiar- arid and dry conditions. jeff and i noted how strange it seemed to be able to see into the woods. no thick fern or underbrush to block the view.

jen and russ put on an amazing party as they gathered all their friends together to celebrate their special occasion.

the wedding was held at montana snowbowl. this tiny but impressive ski area sits a mere 12 miles from missoula and boasts 5,000 ft base elevation, 7,500 ft. top elevation, 300 inches of annual snowfall, and claims that the longest run is nearly 3 miles. plus, you get all this for a mere $35 bucks. pretty good deal in my book. (fyi, the bartenders pour a stiff drink!)
there is also a small and comfortable lodge with basic accommodations. the majority of the people gathered for the event traveled from out of state so most of us stayed right there on the hill. can you say hangover?

jade made 4 fast friends and ran around the mountain while his parents got to be social for a couple of days.

our friends the rahns from palmer have recently moved to missoula too, so we got to see jenna and hunter which jade thought was pretty cool. we miss them!
the weather was fall beautiful and warm- in the 70's. ahhhhhh. nice weekend.

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russ said...

....and the wonderful Lisabeth married us! thanks for being there with us Jeff, LB, and Jaden. We had a wonderful celebration. Jen and Russ.