this photo was taken as the sun rose on one of the few nice days we've had lately.
its been drizzly and cool with temperatures in the mid 40s since then. you can see the termination dust like frosting on government peak.

i am ready. bring it on.
i think by this time last year we had already had our first snow.

most of the leaves have fallen over the past few days. there are still a stubborn few hanging on. our house, hidden from view all summer, now sticks out boldly on the hill.

the fam and i went on a bike ride through the neighborhood the other night and as we rode by a neighbors house someone yelled out "watch out for the moose!"
now thats something you don't hear every day.
up ahead of us was mama moose and her babe standing right in the middle of the road. needless to say, we opted to ride the other way.

the snow line is creeping down the mountains surrounding this beautiful valley. time to dust off the skis and skates.
like it or not, winters coming.

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laura said...

I always think that termination dust makes the mountain look like a powdered doughnut!