fly- by- the- seat- of -your- pants.
thats what i say.

when the alaskan airlines website showed indeed there was one mileage ticket to seattle for a mere $5 handling fee and, the said flight was scheduled to depart with perfect timing to hop a car to the home of a dear friend from high school, with still more time to catch a nice dinner and gossip about our recent 20th (god, yes 20th) high school reunion, and then get on down to the beautiful paramount theatre to see one of my favorite bands, widespread panic, well... what was a girl to do?? i ask you, what could i have done but pack my toothbrush and go?

30 hours later, here i am back at home with my family, tired and satisfied!

aint life grand?


Les said...

Where's a picture of Paul??

akfnp said...

click on the self portrait!

Les said...

Did you post your reflection picture on that other site?