heavy sigh

i am an uninspired blogger. kind of like mid october, feels to me right now- uninspiring.

i am reading eat pray love and enjoying it very much. its rekindling tiny little sparks of desire to find some way to live outside of the states for a year or so, learning a new language and way of life. i want to live where buildings are ancient and you can nap without guilt and you get 5 weeks of holiday each year.

its been a crazy couple of weeks at the clinic with my colleague on vacation. im feeling a tiny bit crispy- nothing a trip back home to see all my favorite witches wont cure. its slated to be a sunny 71 degrees on saturday and i am so in need of this vitamin d and girlfriend fix.
hoooray for stacked up airline miles, for spontaneity and for the ability to do it just because i want to.

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