the joy of sox

i've just returned from a wonderful weekend in colorado and here i am reveling in the red sox victory tonight. what a traitor i am, living there for so many years and rooting for the sox. as any new englander can attest, once a fan, always a fan.

i had an amazing time in beautiful colorado. 70 degree days with the exception of one.
sunny, sunny skies. i drank it up, the sun and the martinis that is. never had a martini before. i do like olives.

i miss all you people and had a blast seeing each and every one of you. trip highlights include that chilly bike ride at midnight, shopping like a professional, dancing to the old time sounds of rodney james and the blue flames, hanging at the poudre, last call in denver while listening to widespread panic, that decadent dinner in boulder and getting locked in at elliots at 2:30 am.
geeze, you'd think i was 25.
the beautiful boy pictured here is my godson. i was there when he was born and as you can see, he loves me. (:

winter has arrived at my alaskan home. snowpacked roads and moose in the yard. what a difference a day makes.

oh, we heard david grisman is playing at the beartooth theater next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yippee for us!!!!!!!

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