remember that 90's radio band toad the wet sprocket?
last evening we had the pleasure of hearing glen phillips and his acoustic guitar at our little local coffee house. im sure a few of you can hum a few bars of "walk on the ocean" or, "fall down".

Jump back, got to get out of here
Been too long this time
Jump back, got to get out of here
When will we fall down?

She hates her life

She hates her skin
She even hates her friends
Tries to hold on to all the reputations she can't mend
And there's some chance that we could fail
But the last time someone was always there for bail
When will we fall down?

it was really quite lovely and he seems like such a nice chap, we were tempted to bring him home with us and cook him dinner. i wanted to bring the camera and snap a few photos, but i've never been comfortable with that small-crowd-photo-snapping kind of thing. it seems intrusive to me.

winter is here full swing here, after all it is halloween and from what the locals tell us, no halloween would be complete without frigid temperatures and snow. we've got both.
we've also got some resident moose who seem to be right at home on our hill. they had the place to themselves last winter and now are probably wondering who said we might live here too. so far we are all getting along, but we need to stay mindful of graham, our old man pooch who doesnt hear or see so well now.

the trick or treat excitement is building. i dont think we'll get away with hiding the candy after jade collects his loot this year.

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