so we aren't parents who feed our kid juice and consequently, he's a child who believes oranges are a perfectly wonderful dessert.

so halloween has come and (thankfully) gone and our child went on the candy equivalent of a coke binge.

he looked pretty darn cute in his skeleton costume, running from house to house with his buddy elaina the vampire princess. (there wasn't a single female child in the clinic yesterday who wasn't going to be a princess of some sort).

after the initial rush of "what, i just knock and then they hand me candy....??? how can this be?"
he, with his candy-spilling-over-the-top-spider-bag decided; "im done. i wanna be done now."
(translation: now i can eat my candy).
one dum dum, a tootsie pop, a few starbursts and one long hard candy stick later my kid looked like this:

for those of you who just dont see that sugar turns kids into monsters spinning out of control, try this: dont feed them any for a while.

cut out 8 oz glasses of juice, no frosted flakes, no pop tarts, no applesauce with little candies, try some cheerios, corn flakes, hey try a scrambled egg for breakfast, some organic naturally sweetened oatmeal, baby- and try oranges or apples for dessert.
then, after a week or so of the low processed sugar diet, preferably in the comfort of your own home and away from others, give him a few candies and watch him spin!
now thats scary!
hope you all had a spooky time.

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Anonymous said...

Love it! I was wondering how that would go. Sounds like you have a candy stash for the next year or so!! Thanks for the spooky update. I'll have to call and get his version of halloween. Maybe after a piece of candy??

Aunt Hol