this post is dedicated to delta, over at craft pirate lounge because my tiny little rant and rave makes me want to say arrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh.

have you ever felt like asking for paper bags at the grocery store makes you a very wicked and possibly even evil person? does the checkout clerk snarl at you after you've mustered up the courage to timidly made this seemingly small but apparently humongous request? (any boulder colorado readers, i realize you cannot feel my pain because there is no such thing as plastic in boulder)

well, folks, i am not here to promote some sort of personal bias on the paper vs plastic debate, (although there arent turtles choking on paper bags in mexico... ) or, even suggest that my choosing one over the other was for anything other than, well, i just needed some damn paper bags!

christmas is coming and all, and you can make cute little gift tags or even wrap presents in them. (honest, i have a 4 year old, making paper bag wrapping paper can be fun). and they work best for bringing magazines and junk mail to the recycling center. but i really shouldnt have to explain myself to the checkout girl!
the bottom line is this;

dear young checkout girl at fred meyer with the stripy highlights in your hair, who when asked if you could ring up the meltly salt stuff that is stacked up outside the store simply said "no" and didnt even bother to ask if i wanted you to get someone to go get it, or even remotely think of problem solving the situation and then acted like i'd abandoned my cart and my kid while i went outside the store to get the damn bag of melty ice stuff myself so you could ring the shit up;
please dont outwardly grimace when someone very nicely asks, "can i bother you for paper instead of plastic?" just do your job, smile and say "not at all".

holy crap i feel better.
arrrrgggghhhhh!!! power to the pirate!


Judy Vars said...

Ha Ha I am going into Fred Meyer and ask for paper from now until Christmas. I have been telling myself to get cloth bags to use over and over. I will do it soon.
Nice Snow ehh?

akfnp said...

power of the people!! you go judy (:
loving the snow. happy friday.

it's just me....searching for hidden treasure said...

pop pirate says, you go grrl!