thats right, at 10:15 a.m. a very lazy sun decides to show its face, generally veiled behind a pillar of white cloud, but sharing light, none-the-less.

im beginning to think this solstice thing is a little overrated, but we have managed to gain a mighty 4 minutes of light each day over the past 4.
thats right, one minute a day. i guess every minute does count. i have since learned that solstice actually means "sun standing still".

we made it through the christmas excitement and we did have an amped up little boy this year. he was full on listening for santas bells, swearing that he could see him flying overhead, jumping around the house. "IM GOING TO BED RIGHT NOW!!! OR HE WONT COME" (6:30 pm)
we were smart enough to set an alarm and put presents out in the wee hours of the morning knowing a 3 am wake up call could be expected. he awoke briefly, was told santa hadnt made it quite yet and sent back to bed while we slipped presents under the tree in the quiet and dark of early morning.

we are counting days until we depart for a southern sky with sandy beaches. 11 to be exact. ahhh tulum, i cant wait to feel the sun on my skin, sand between my toes and a cool cerveza in my hand.