solstice greetings

solstice light over the valley looking from eklutna at 2pm, december 21st.

solstice light on matanuska peak 1:40 pm, december 21st.

well, we made it to the other side. now we're on a rocket sled speeding straight down the hill toward the sun!
solstice has come and gone, we slept snugly in our beds savoring the longest night of the year. now we will patiently await the few minutes of daylight gained each day.
my anemic looking plants are barely hanging on, i think there are a few of them that aren't going to make it.

it is gray and overcast here. the forecasters predicted snow daily over the past few days but it has yet to materialize. old saint nick doesn't have too much cushion to land his sleigh on.
we are going to spend a quiet christmas here overlooking the talkeetnas.

from our family to yours, may this new year bring peace to the world and happiness and prosperity to you and yours.


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Judy Vars said...

Greetings fellow northerners. I'll let you in on a little secret I moved here because I loved the show Northern Exposure. Alaska dosen't dissapoint does it.
May the truning of the year be awesome for your little family.
Judy Vars