16 days and counting

i left in the dark, i came home in the dark and its starting to wear on me.
solstice should be the most revered and celebrated holiday on the planet. wait, i think it was at one time, before christianity...
anyway, it is becoming my favorite holiday without a doubt. if we actually knew anyone, we'd have a party. a big ol party. a rivergroove-type affair with a bonfire, lots of beer and good times. its no wonder paganism is on the rise.

one of the most interesting and addicting features in the blogosphere is that you can travel around the world, reading little glimpses of other peoples lives.
there are thousands of blogs out there, from the mundane to the bizarre. some are downright spooky. but some of my favorites feel like friends i just havent met before.

i check in, and there they are, blogging away to no one in particular about their latest knitting project, about the big pot of stew they made last night, about how much their kid has grown, their new job, their latest travel adventure.
its like taking a walk across your favorite small town on a beautiful summer night and peering in through the open windows as you pass. a baby in her highchair, a couple on the couch there. a woman drinking wine, someone standing in the kitchen cooking something to eat.
the bloggers i peek in on can be downright insightful, extremely funny or just plain full of shit. it voyeuristic and i like it.

the tracking feature on blogger allows me to see who has visited this blog, how much time you spend here, exactly how you arrived and how you departed.
many of you seem to like the photography site link, and my brothers blog. (isnt he so cool?)
wow. invasion of privacy, right? not really, i mean, here you are on my little piece of the web man. i ought to know where your from.... right?

some of the most common googled words that bring people here unwittingly are of course, "northern lights, where are they, when are they out, best time to see them", etc. but people have landed here googling things like: "daddys roomate banned". hey gibsonia pennsylvania, there are tons of banned books. hope you found the one you were looking for (and where is gibsonia anyway?)
"snorkel stove" continues to be a hot one, even though i blogged about that last winter, and only once.

i am baffled and curious about those of you visiting from places i've never been. hello paris, who are you? do you like living there?
center conway, new hampshire, you are so close to my home state. what do you do? do you blog? i notice you've been visiting alot.
hello manhattan kansas, wow. i could never live there, i mean, dont get me wrong, no offense here. i've been through it a time or six.
brewer maine, home of the witches, you came via that cute little roxanne.
valdez alaska, we'll get there next summer- we cant wait.
gay georgia
laurinberg north carolina
port saint luca florida. wow, i'll bet its warm there.

anyway, hello to all, so glad you stopped by to check in on us up here in the cold dark north. and especially my friends and family, to corey, rox, delta- my three fellow bloggers.
hello alaska bloggers, whom i dont know, but feel a kinship with. we are an opinionated bunch, and deservedly so.
keep on keepin on.
its helping me get through this darkest time of the year by looking in on a little bit of you all.


Angie M said...

I'm with you on the darkness starting to get to me. I have been noticing it more and more the past few weeks, especially with the lack of snow.

If this keeps up I'm going to start questioning when spring is. :)

I always enjoy reading your blog. And yes we Alaskans are a opinionated bunch aren't we?

san said...

hell's bells, so far away from little old me in little old Devon,UK. Came across you while googling pinot noir, which I'm using with venison in a recipe I'm presently writing... but I digressed and read your ramblings... what a totally decent way to waste time.

The Tundra PA said...

Hello, AK FNP! I found you by tracking back my sitemeter's list of referrals and am glad someone came to my blog by way of yours. I love the photo you have with this post, and had to comment to tell you so.

I'm totally with you on the importance of Winter Solstice for those of us in the northern climes. It should be a state holiday in Alaska. I wrote a post about it last year, but being in something of a blog funk this year, I didn't.

Thanks for listing me on your blogroll; I will add you to mine pronto!