resistance is futile

the germ ridden environment i work in has won.
i give, i surrender.
all that coughing, sneezing and blowing on me has taken its toll on my "freak of nature, super-strong immune system". i have given in to a head full of pressure, plugged ears and a low grade fever. here i sit, sipping tea in my pjs feeling shitty and guilty knowing my colleagues are bemoaning my sick day, as they are now short a staff member and things are surely moving slowly at the clinic.

it is cold and gray and the sky really wants to snow. it was spitting earlier, leaving a slight trace of the white stuff on the deck. government peak is missing and shrouded in clouds.

i finished my art tag swap in the nick of time over the weekend and they have been packaged and sent to fort collins where delta will sort them and i will end up with 10 other mini-masterpiece tags from around the country. it was a fun project, although it took me a few trys to get going on it.

we cut a very tall tree in our back yard- yes, i am aware that its rather charlie brown looking, but there are no pines here, just spruce. i cant bring myself to purchase a tree hauled in from someplace east of here. it seems too wasteful.

jaden didnt seem to mind its sparse-ness at all. do you think he's a bit excited for what the jolly old man might bring and put under the tree?


Roxanne said...

Your tree is pretty, and Jaden looks thrilled! I wish I could see his face on Christmas morning. I am sure his smiles are priceless! Give him a hug for me please.

ozone ranger said...

Charlie, Lucy, et al would be mighty proud and Snoopy would be dancing his special "jig"
Santa is checking his list and Jaden is at the top of the NICE list I'm certain!!!
lots of pics and Skype on Christmas

it's just me....searching for hidden treasure said...

sorry you're sick...lots of vit c, tea and chocolate...can't wait to see your tags in person! delta