we're back. (reluctantly)
alaska is a long way from mexico. (sigh.)
18 hours from the "lunch counter" to my front door step.
oh my god. tacos de pollo. so very good.

work is busy and after all that travel, 11 hours at the clinic is, well.. 11 hours at the clinic. goddess bless vacation time.

its still dark here, but the sun is coming. 9:40 rising and 4:41 setting.
mornings are still slow and dark, but we are beginning to see the light in the afternoons.
yeee haw!

i ordered seeds from johnny seeds in maine, and they got lost in the mail. the mail service here SUCKS.
johnny seeds however, does not suck and are replacing my seeds. hopefully i will have lights and little seedlings soon to help usher in some warmer weather. i realize things dont even think about getting warm here till may, but hey, im coming off vacation. i can dream, right?

meanwhile, we are off to see the snow on turnagain pass this weekend.
will post some pics soon.

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Judy Vars said...

Here it’s so cold that
You’re snot and nose hairs freeze
So please Pass me the Nyquil