this weekend i saw a tiny glimmer of hope by way of a very large star known commonly, as the sun.

it felt as though this was the first sighting here in alaska in months. (although assuredly, it is not) there it was, bright and brilliant, casting shadows in the trees, illuminating every frozen droplet and sending tiny prisms of light through the woods.
it was a joy to my eyes, to my face and to my heart, which has been somewhat jaded by this season known as the alaskan winter.

the 12 hot and sun filled days in mexico filled my vitamin d fuel tank up, saturated me and (sadly) left me greedy for more.

snowy seward was the perfect place to remind me of the beauty of winter here and old mister sunshine put me in my place good and hard.

we are settling back in to our digs, detoxing from lime juice and tequila, cutting down on tortillas and beans and remembering how to layer.
wool socks and silk underware, fleecy hats and cozy sweaters.

do you hikau?
send one my way about winter where you are.

trying to stay warm
late january so cold
fat cat on my lap