welcome february

dear january,
it does not pain me at all to bid you adeau. you have been dark and cold these past 4 weeks, and i have grown tired of you.

i feel that you, along with brittany spears, should pack it up and go away for at least a year. like her, you seem to suffering from some sort of mental illness.
you know they make medication for just this sort of thing. its called lithium.

here, you have been as uncooperative as a child who's eaten captain crunch for breakfast. while mother nature has given us snow, you have kept us in the darkness with snot freezing, nipple stiffening temperatures.

how is one supposed to enjoy anything about you?
and dont think i dont know your secrets.
you treat mexico like a prodigal son, all warm and welcoming and sunshiny.
how can you be so cruel?

darling february has promised to be short and sweet and even sunny.
oh with valentines day and all, how do you even think you can compete?
i know you come to us by way of the christmas madness. but do you have to keep bringing us down from the holidays like a lead balloon?
you'll never change.

adios january. enjoy your time off.


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