ive been remiss at posting- we had gotten caught up in what appeared to be spring- sunshine from nearly 6 am to 9:40 pm and mild temperatures in the 50-60s. we even had an impromptu barbecue, sitting in the sun on the deck with friends, sipping margaritas. we rode our bikes to the little store 2 miles up the road and had ice cream cones out on the picnic table. then, overnight, winter reared her ugly head for one last hurrah.

jades 5th birthday was marked with quarter sized snowflakes that fell from morning into the evening, leaving over 10 sloppy inches of snow covering everything. 24 hours later, it is now nearly gone. thankfully we opted for the (pricey) indoor, bouncy, castle place for the birthday celebration. the party was was subdued and fun and jadens five year old self was in all his dominating glory. (my party, my birthday, my presents). oh to be five!

thanks to our generous friends and family, we are now flush with every shape and size of dinosaur. we are lucky, and i mean that.