i dare say we've turned the corner on this spring thing.
sand hill cranes are here feeding in the fields, the moose are more brazen than they were a few months ago, marching right by us in the yard to get to the new fresh little buds beginning to emerge.

the snow on the talkeetnas is rapidly melting exposing huge swaths of brown.
my coworker has seen bear scat. not something you want to run into this time of year when they are scraggly and hungry.

i have made use of that (stupid) flat garage roof by setting up the greenhouse there. today with strong winds, we are testing out the job jeff did securing it down.
-so far the thing has not taken flight.
i have delightful tomato plants over a foot tall, happy in their 80 degree sauna.
mmmmm. dont you love the smell of tomato plants?

its a lazy weekend here.