long days

the days are long and going by at a rapid pace. how does that work, anyway?
we've just wrapped up a week long visit with jeffs sister and 12 year old nephew. they got the whirlwind alaskan tour with whales and glaciers and moose and mosquitoes. can you believe they want to come back again next year?? here are some photos of our time together.

i really like this one of max at the reindeer farm holding up some of eddie the elk's antlers from last year. those suckers are heavy!

we did some gold panning and if every rock jade thought was the real thing, we'd be loaded!

we are heading home to colorado on thursday and i cant wait.
ive been longing to hang out by the cache la poudre which is rippin' at about 4 1/4 on the rock.
im looking forward to watching rafters and kayakers screaming on by. i also cant wait to get hot and sweaty at the most amazing music venue on earth while seeing these guys.
mostly, i want to wear sandals and a tank top because its hot enough to do so, while hanging out with friends.
i feel lucky.