ahhh, the dog days of summer.
too much work and too little sun makes me yearn for greener pastures- but after a few minutes of riffling through the photos i realize we've had some good times recently, and indeed, alaska is amazing.

on a local hike last week, jade spied this tiny little snail just hanging out on a leaf. he's got some sort of strange bug radar--he can pick em out a mile away.
today, its off to seward for some salmon fishing.
look out fish, here we come!!

the fireweed is at its best right now.

some say when the fireweed blooms to the very top, there's a mere 6 weeks left before snow. isnt that uplifting?
(heavy sigh)
this is jaden standing amongst the flowers. click to enlarge.
stuff grows big around here!

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P.A. GIbbons said...

Beautiful beautiful landscape photos. Nice to meet you.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

Sadly, the nursing home told us that they do not have a contract w/hospice. They feel that "their workers have dedication to their residents and can take care of them."

Bah humbug I say. They are overworked, understaffed and I waited 2.5 hours to get my mother a morphine shot.

Now I have to go away and help my daughter w/her 3 year old and newborn as her husband is being sent back to Afghanistan...and I will be leaving my mother alone.

My stomach hurts.

xxthank you, patti