school daze

ive let most of august race by with hardly a glance at my little slice of the web. there really hasnt been too much to blog about that would interest anyone, let alone to document for myself.
after two years, it seems ive run out of motivation to document every nuance about living in alaska and i've even given thought to closing up this space.
but alas, im not quite ready to throw in the towel just yet.

today, marked a milestone in our lives, as jade has entered the world of public school.
he was so excited he could hardly sleep last night.
here he is outside of his elementary school this morning.
handsome, isnt he?here he is now.

shhhhhhh. he hasnt taken a nap in over 3 months!
and to think, i remembered kindergarten as all scissors and Elmer's glue!

fall has come to our part of the world. no matter how i dig in my heels or grit my teeth, its making its presence known.
as we hiked at the reed lakes trail yesterday, the change was evident everywhere we looked.
we found an amazing patch of blueberries, and today the three of us are blue-mouthed as we have nearly devoured a pan of cobbler.

on a totally different note, a neighbor stole our obama yard sign last evening. so, after going to the local headquarters and paying $5.00 for a new one today, i fumed and stewed all the way home and then in black sharpy marker penned this right on the back of my new sign:

dear neighbor,
by stealing my yard sign, you have forced me to donate $5.00 to barack obama's campaign which i have thoughtfully put in your name.
every time you trespass on my property to take it down in the coming months, you can rest assured that i will donate money again to replace it.
you should consider exercising your own constitutional right to free speech in your yard and stay out of mine.

think that will work?
dont f*@& with me.
i WILL win.


Anonymous said...

a few comments...

a. yes, he is SOOO handsome!
b. don't throw in the towel just yet, lbalicious, we all crave the bloggage in your absence from our daily colorado lives. very exciting to see a new one.
c. we may have the warm sun, but you have the blueberries!
d. i would kill to see the look on your neighbor's face when he reads that sign!! nice comeback, baby.


akfnp said...

oooooh i love ya hol (:

Roxanne said...

Holy smokes! How did Jaden get so big? and school already??? Wow! How did his first day go?
p.s. I hear you're coming to Maine!?

it's just me....searching for hidden treasure said...

whoa, wait a minute grrl. don't stop the report from ak...just remember the "blogging w/o obligation" creed...

i love the pix of jade...i remember the first day of school for montana...i would always, for years, send her w/ an apple for the teacher on that auspicious day...

personal note: we close on the house today...yippee

blueberries...my favorite fruit!delta