tina does sarah

its like a car wreck. i cant look away. im sorry.

we actually stayed up last night to see this.
obama was supposed to make an appearance as well, but canceled.
i cant remember the last time i watched SNL...

and did you hear about the anti-palin rally that was held yesterday in anchorage? no, it hasnt made main stream media, but fellow bloggers mudflats, laura and alaskareal are making some gains in changing that. they have all posted photos and details so you all can see that that 80% approval rating may be yet another media spin.
alaskareal also has some very disheartening news about a remote village in dire straights as we march toward winter here.
take heart america, there are more like minded, sane women and men up here than i thought!

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laura said...

How are the fall colors up near Hatcher Pass these days? I am trying to wait out the rain to get up there, but I don't want to miss them! Thanks!!