the view from here

we are preparing for vacation- leaving here, at what appears to be the tail end of fall. we are hoping to set the clocks back by a couple of weeks and catch the peak of autumn in maine.
that snow line is getting a little too close for comfort! this place is about 10 miles from home.

autumn in maine is one of my favorite things. i havent been back home in 3 years.
you might say we are "wicked excited!"
dont know if i'll blog from the road, but will probably post some photos of our journey along the way.
in the mean time, keep up the good fight and cheers!


it's just me....searching for hidden treasure said...

now i see what you mean about the snow line...beautiful for you but depressingly winter-like...enjoy maine...delta

bea3855 said...

beautiful pix - will be back and welcome to my blog www.bea-nype.blogspot.com! Enjoy!!
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