this life of leisure i'm living seems too good to be true.
what with alaska in the news yet again, and my toes in the sand, life is pretty darn swell.

i did willingly endure a lecture on sinusitis, then another on "the ins and outs of imaging the pediatric patient with urinary tract infection", and then, i fidgeted my way through "everything you ever wanted to know about acne".
oh the tedium, but then came the reward.

we hiked out to the point seen where the sand ends, near the mid/right-hand side of the photo.
the area is called mahaulepu- a word i cant seem to pronounce.

then we drove over to port allen to this tiny little beach.
it is perched just below the area's power company and refinery- the immediate surrounding area, was not so pretty. but i've spared you that and given you this view:

this beach here is known as "glass beach" and you can see why, here.
click to have a better look.

the entire beach was made up of sea glass. (which, if you think about it for long enough, means someone was dumping alot of glass here at one time, but let's not go there. )

les, you would be a very happy woman here.

just above the beach we spotted this ancient cemetery.
with the setting sun, it was a pretty magical sight.well, aloha.
-and only 8 days to go!