well, i managed to sneak out of alaska, ending up in this magical place.
i planned the exodus a few months ago to get some professional, continuing education. unfortunately the timing sucks, as we are short staffed and scrambling at work.
i feel a wee, little bit, guilty but the weather and beauty of kauai is helping me get over it.

so is the company of these good friends, tom and pam.
we're having a great time, and yes, i am attending class. really.
im waiting for friends to send out some photos of the amazing turnout today from the obama rally held in fort collins, my former home town.

there were an estimated 45-55,000 people packed together at colorado state university.
it looks like colorado may be turning blue this election.


it's just me....searching for hidden treasure said...

grant went, i,sadly, worked...he was a bit far to take pix of The Man...also unfortunate is the printer that uploads pix is, sadly, still buried deep in the packed vw bus...no pix...grant actually called me at work during the speech and i put him on speaker phone so we all listened like we were gathered around an old radio...hawaii, lucky duck...delta

Anonymous said...

Hmm, former home town, eh? That's awfully powerful language!
I do love the glass, you know I'd be combing for hours on end with all kinds of plans for lovely mosaics (don't worry, I won't mention the fish). Lucky gal. Course, we are having amazing weather in your old home state.
Love lots, LB