a must read

anyone looking for an eye-opening, heart lifting, educational book of inspiration?

i may be a little behind, as i know this has been on the new york times best sellers list for some time now. but in the off chance you havent picked it up, i implore you. do!

the author, Greg Mortenson writes about his experiences:

"That ultimately to achieve global peace and defeat terror we must do it with education and books, not edicts and bombs. I also hope it inspires our younger generation to know that anyone can make a difference and be pro-active. Martin Luther said that even if the world would end today, we will should still plant seeds and trees for tomorrow. "

"Even in America, we have extreme poverty, but I think the greatest poverty we
face in our country is a poverty of compassion and that we live more in fear, than in hope.
If you fight terrorism, it is based in fear, but if you promote peace, it is based in hope.
Ignorance is the real enemy, whether it is in Afghanistan, Africa or America, and it is
ignorance that breeds hatred."

i know im preaching to my own little blog-peekin choir, but i promise this book will inspire each of you.
now lets just start us a cyber-based book club, complete with some red wine and cheese for the discussion and meet back here, in say, 3 weeks or so to share what we've learned, shall we?

i know my bucket list just got longer.


it's just me....searching for hidden treasure said...

hopefully my hold on the book at the library comes through soon...if not i'll buy it...i'm in...never been part of a book club...i feel so included...delta in lovely 70 degree fort collins

akfnp said...

god darn ya delta- with that snarky 70 degree comment (: no pressure, but your blog is so sad and lonely grrrlll!

Judy Vars said...

you are an awesome photographer!!
The cat and pumpkins is priceless.

akfnp said...

awwww, thanks judy! my poor old cat died last year, this was taken last halloween. i couldnt resist.

laura said...

loved this book, read it late, too (this past summer)

Karen Travels said...

Love the new banner! How Halloweenish!!