another weekend has come and gone.
the sun has just come up at the crack of 10 and is shining on the talkeetna mountain range now, making everything pink and lovely.

the moose have evidently decided our yard is home, and the strange, assorted group of 4 are napping in the side yard again. the largest mama moose has an injured front leg and seeing her hobble up and down our hill is hard to watch. it will be a long winter for the beast, if she survives and is able to forage for food. we dont have too much snow right now, i imagine it will be tougher as winter closes in.

the days are growing very short here, and for me, this is the toughest time of the year. we now have just over a month until we reach the shortest day (sunrise 10:14, sunset 3:41) then slowly things begin to change.
truly, solstice gained a whole new meaning for me here.
by the end of march, sunset will occur at 8:41 pm in the greater anchorage area. february and march are lovely winter months here.
we are trying not to succumb to thinking its okay to don pajamas at 4pm.

we've still got political news here in alaska. we are still counting ballots for the state senate race between our country's longest serving, although recently convicted, senator stevens and his opponent mark begich.
it looks like begich (the current mayor of anchorage) is gaining some ground in the ballot count.
the last i looked he was up by over 1000 votes. officials anticipate it will be a few more days before they have a final tally and then surely there will be a recount.

there has been much speculation here about what might happen should stevens be re-elected. there are a few loyal faithful who have said they would not ask him to step down, and there are many vocal senators who feel that being convicted of a felony is simply counterproductive to serving in the senate.

hmmmm. is there any wonder where i stand on this? republican or democrat, seems like a no-brainer to me.

there has also been discussion, that should stevens win, and then be asked to step down, there will be a special election to fill a vacant senate seat.
gee, i wonder if anyone here in alaska might be interested in that seat?
keep counting folks!
and GO begich!

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Karen Travels said...

I am glad to hear February and March are lovely. I really don't mind the short days now. But I have it my mind the shortness lasts until March...which isn't the case at all.

Growing up in upstate NY, February was always the worst month for me - I think because I was just so sick of winter by then. Although many times there is a Feb thaw and everything turns to mud! I keep thinking, if I am depressed now, what am going to do in Feb!!??

But I think things will go up after the holidays (spent so far away from friends and family)! I hope!

Love your blog, thanks for the insight!