as sarah palin begins to sort through 150,000 dollars worth of clothing, life in the mat-su borough returns to normal for the rest of us.

i have surprisingly little to say after weeks of incredible, political bullshit, which led up to the election.
(audible satisfied sigh)
it seems the american public haven't lost their way after all. i worried after bush was elected the second time we were too far gone.
i'm so happy to be wrong.

the days are shrinking and jaden routinely asks if its dinner time around 3pm, which is commonly followed by "is it almost my bedtime?"

an odd assortment of moose moved into our yard last friday and stayed for 2 1/2 days. 2 adults and 2 gangly, teenage moose ate slept and gazed at us through the trees. such odd creatures, giant, distant cameled cousins, they are.
they enjoyed a pumpkin snack too.

that's all the news that isn't.
only 42 days till the solstice.
time to get connected with my pagan self again.

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Les said...

Can you send me a moose? I'm guessing the postage will be a little more than $27 though. Hmm. Maybe we can rent a trailer.