grump (ing)

seems i'm in a blogging recession.

theres not much to say these busy, dark, cold days without sounding like all i know how to do is whine and moan.
its just this bleak time of year where we inch our way toward the solstice, that i feel zombie-like.
i make my way through the blue- gray days, watching the sun (although it hasn't appeared in weeks) move slowly and flatly over the horizon for a little over 5 hours each day before darkness settles in again.

lather, rinse, repeat.

even the happy light doesn't seem to be helping.

we had 3 days of amazing wind, with gusts to 70 mph. this is worse than the lack of daylight.
constant wind, i'm convinced, does something damaging to the psyche.

but now the wind has stopped and mounds of beautiful, light, fluffy snow has fallen, which always cheers me up.

i am heading out, skis strapped on, the ipod loaded, to the trails to work off some of the grump.

meanwhile, i've been dreaming of taking some photos using this method, known as through the viewfinder.
i just need to get my hands on one of these.