subzero saturday

if anyone has any helpful advice on shooting the moon, i'd appreciate it. i use a canon rebel xt eos and i don't really know what the hell i'm doing most of the time.

this was a spectacular moon setting over the northern peaks just as the sun was rising.
the picture doesn't even hint at what a sight it was.
i give myself an "A" for effort though, as i trudged through the snow at minus 5 to fool around with settings on the camera. too bad i didnt get a better shot. next time...

we've got a nice fire going in the wood stove and some art projects at the kitchen table.we have had quite a collection of pine grosbeaks here today. the males were especially pretty against the snow.
last evening j and i headed into los anchorage to see jesus christ superstar at the performing arts center. a real live date night!
it was a great show and ted nealy playing a 33 year old man was pretty impressive.

we also had a fabulous dinner at jens restaurant- truly, i ordered the equivalent of an orgasm on a plate. pan seared scallops from kodiak with fresh raspberries.
i know, it sounds weird, but really, to-die-for, gastronomically speaking.


alittlebitofscrap said...

I work walking distance from Jens, I should give it a try one of these days :) Lovely picture of the birds! Sorry no advise for the Cannon, I shoot with a Nikon.

akfnp said...

mmmmm. yes, give yourself a treat and try out jens! loved your hoar frost photos- and your denali shot was amazing.
thanks for visiting and hang in there without your family.
create something lovely today.