flashback friday

so about a year ago i exploited my hubby with an equally funny photo taken from yesteryear.
i guess this is the time of year that i start rooting around the old boxes of photos that still havent gotten themselves organized.

anyhow, he has no recollection of where or when this photo was taken, but i love it. just look at that creative use of milk jugs!

and to think, it was my idea to move to alaska!
looks as though he's been dreaming of it for decades.


Anonymous said...

stumbled on your blog through a friend. How is the igloo milk jug thing made? give us a hint.. Zorro

alittlebitofscrap said...

That is too cute!

akfnp said...

dear zorro,
i have no idea, and my hubby (the young boy in the pic) has no memory of the whole cute ordeal. your guess is as good as mine- you can click to enlarge, i see a rod of some sort which looks as though it makes a frame. but from what i can tell, it is made of milk jugs magically pieced together...if you reproduce it, send me a pic!

it's just me....searching for hidden treasure said...

and jeff is still so cute! love the coat...