hasta luego!

my lack of posting lately is directly correlated with the frozen temperatures.
and for you 2 dear readers, i know you can only hear about the weather so many times.
seems all alaskans (and ak bloggers) have been preoccupied with it.

generally a photo is the impetus for a post anyhow, and i've not been brave (or nuts) enough to get out there and snap any in this weather. sadly, its been amazingly clear and blue and perfect (except for the sub zero part) and we are gaining nearly 3 minutes of light each day.

so, for now i am signing off.
i will be back when my parts are thawed out, when the icicles are cleared out of my head, when my hair has a touch of blond in it and my skin is warm and brown.

you can rest assured, i will be on this beach with a cold cerveza in my hand, recharging.

adios a mis amigos por ahora!


Anonymous said...

Safe and fun travels to you and the Morris family! Give Rockberto a big hug for me and enjoy the big thaw.
xoxoxo lb

it's just me....searching for hidden treasure said...

i can hear the ice melting already...say hi to the warm ocean for me...delta luvs ya

p.s. we missed you at the partay saturday...i had this wee little hope you would suprise us with a visit, but alas...

gpc said...

Thaw, baby, thaw!

Karen Travels said...

Have fun and get warm!! I know I am going to Vegas in March, and the warm thoughts are keeping me going!!

Safe travels!