home again.
and really, because i haven't jumped back into what life is like here, having yesterday off, things are really good.
my attitude has improved greatly. and for this, my husband is grateful.

it goes without saying that we had a great time sunning ourselves and visiting with our friends in mexico. we watched the inauguration of president obama (gosh that sounds terrific) at an outdoor bar on the beach, weeping and clapping with nearly 100 others from around the globe.
adios george!

we've gained a considerable amount of light now, yesterday the gray-blue of morning came close to 9:30 and it was light until after 5pm.

we awoke to see a large mama moose parked in our side yard, sleeping in the sun. she looked warm and comfortable even though the temperature hovered around 10.

we've lost most of our snow and the brown dried remnants of late fall are now rustling in the woods.
while we were away, nearly 2 feet of snow melted from our (poorly designed) flat-roofed garage and flowed right under the garage door, then refroze, creating our very own skating rink. all this sounds fun, doesn't it? except for the unfortunate fact that when we got home in the middle of the night from the airport, we didn't know this, and tried to open the door with the opener, bending the door beyond repair.

ah, the joys of home ownership.

so jaden is excited to head back to school today, but he has got a head full of snot and is coughing like crazy. we'll see if the school nurse lets him stay. (she's tough- sending everyone to the "doctor" before they can return. those are my favorite notes, jade has been seen at the clinic, he may return to school)

anyhow, stay tuned for some photos, daylight is returning and its supposed to snow- so with any luck i'll get back out there with the camera.
in the mean time, the ak bloggers on the side bar have been busy with photos and stories of life during winter at latitude 61.