she's about to blow!

we are all on the edge of our mukluks waiting to see if mt. redoubt is going to blow her top.
and it appears now, it is not a matter of if, but when.

mt. redoubt is an active stratovolcano located across the cook inlet from homer alaska, putting it approximately 105 miles southwest of anchorage, and about 155 miles from my home-sweet-home, as the ash flies.

the volcano last erupted in 1989, when over a period of 8 days, it spewed ash and gas nearly 6 miles into the atmosphere.
the events triggered a flow of debris in drift river valley that threatened an oil tanker terminal near the river's mouth. there was partial flooding of the terminal compound on more than one occasion, forcing authorities to modify operating procedures leading to a temporary halt in oil production from 10 platforms in the cook inlet.
the damage and loss of revenue from ash and debris flows totaled about $160 million, making that eruption the second most costly in US history.

hold on to your hats and get out the googles and masks!
(god, i think we're low on wine...)

hmmmm. i think we need to have a volcano party...... just think of the snacks and drinks you could serve!
and the music, anyone got and song suggestions?
im thinking some jimmy buffet, volcano (obviously!)
some widespread panic, say, red hot mama

photo 1 taken from google images www.3rdrock.gly.uga.edu
photo 2 taken from google images www.semicro.com

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