the weekend started off in festive style with kindergartners celebrating the chinese new year. my kid chanted gung hay fat choy!!! for days.

saturday was spent at the office for me. (booo hissss!)

today was nearly perfect-except for the fact that its really, really cold again.
but we had miles of blue sky.

it would have been a great day for redoubt to blow, but instead, she's still huffing and puffing and rapidly melting her northern glacier. there are some impressive photos over on the alaska volcano observatory site.

here are some random shots taken on the way home from a grocery store run. yes, the scenery here is that bad...
the crystals formed on the branches are a result of a phenomenon called hoarfrost. in this instance, i believe it could also be called surface hoar. this occurs when fern-like ice crystals form on already frozen surfaces. its very pretty up close.
click to take a closer peek.

the moose were just outside the dining room window- taken through the (very dirty) glass.


alittlebitofscrap said...

Great pictures. I especially like the moose :)

Anonymous said...

Are ya bringing me a moose on Friday? We can keep him with the goldfish, whatshisname.

Karen Travels said...

Awesome pics!! Let me know if you still ever want to get together for a ski!