i am

reading bliss

savoring our recent netflicks pick: buena vista social club

listening to long road and diggin' it (thanks honey...)

dreaming of spending time in the desert

disgusted with the prospect that republican governors are considering withholding stimulus package money from their states

saddened by uninformed americans who believe bailing out wall street and american car companies is okay, but bailing out your neighbor is bullshit

absolutely inspired by michael pollan

grateful for my family

proud of my son

amazed by the gain of sunlight over the past 3 weeks

excited by the prospect of change


alittlebitofscrap said...

I too am excited about the prospect of change :) And republican governors.. well.. It would take me a while to say what I really thought! And I think it is crap! that the gov bailed out Wall Street.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Karen Travels said...

I "third" the change!

I am dreaming of riding my bike to work for a month SOON!

And I am dreaming of the desert too!! Are you heading to Moab? I love that part of the country.

Karen Travels said...

I am flying to Las Vegas on March 9th! From there we will probably head to Red Rocks, Death Valley or Grand Canyon. . . we don't really have a plan, except to be warm!

Alyeska sounds great - is hiking/snowshoeing okay? Would love to get out for some exercise and pictures!